Wednesday, June 1, 2016 
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33 years of auto sales and leasing experience. Locating the right vehicle and pricing for clients all over Southern California.My experience in this field started in 1984 when I initially joined my family business.
The client advisers at Optima Auto Leasing, LLC. have many years of experience in sales and leasing of all ranges of automobiles. We have established contacts at almost all brands of vehicle dealerships where we lease and buy in volume, therefore we are able to get the best deals for our clients. We customize the deal to fit your needs and determine which lender offers the best deal.
If we don't have the answer, we'll put the effort and time to get the answer to your questions.
Best of all in most cases we deliver your new car to your door step.

BMW,Lexus,VW,Toyota,Range rover
Mercedes Benz,Audi,Subaru,Porsche,Honda